Old Bikers, Shovels and Pans

Lessons learned by and from Elders.
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Old Bikers, Shovels and Pans

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One day a couple of years ago, I had been tinkering with my old shovel and decided to take her out for a test ride. After I had been on the road for about half an hour, I had to stop for a train. As soon as I put my right foot down on the ground, I realized something was wrong. My boot was covered with oil. I shut her down and climbed off so I could roll her over to the shoulder in order to see where the oil was coming from.

I proceeded to dig my tool pouch out of the saddle bags and check the pushrod tube seals. Sure enough, one of the lock nuts on my pushrods had come loose. As I began tightening it, I could hear numerous bikes pass by, but no one stopped. At first, it angered me a bit to realize how times have changed.

I still remember the days when the bond between bikers was so strong that nothing else could compare to it and no biker with dirt in his pockets would ever pass up a stranded brother.

Just about that time, I heard the doors to an old pick-up slam shut. Before I could look up I heard the words, "F***ing old shovels always have been a pain in the ass."

"Always have been and always will be, but at least they have character you can count on." I replied to the old bearded samaritan.

As we kneeled together on the side of the road, putting the finishing touches on my scoot, we talked about my 74 shovel, his 67 FLH, the days when bikers stood beside and behind each other and many other sweet memories.

It wasn't until he drove off that I spotted an Older Bikers Riding Club sticker on the back window of his truck.

Several days later, while I was on my puter, I decided to research the Older Bikers Riding Club and that is when I discovered the "leave no biker stranded" policy was part of their motto.

Here was a club that still lived by the old school bond. That was enough to encourage me to want to join them and now I hope that someday my actions will leave as strong and memorable impression on others as that old bearded man's actions have had on me.

BTW, that Older Bikers name is FTW and I will be forever grateful to him for restoring my faith in real Brothers.
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Re: Old Bikers, Shovels and Pans

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8-) ya just never know who.....!
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