Chapter, Nomad & Friend Locations

Locations of Chapters, Nomads and Friends
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Chapter, Nomad & Friend Locations

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This is a test of a map of the U.S.A.

We have marked it with locations of:

A "Golden" asterisk for OBRC Chapters,
A BLACK asterisk for Nomads,
A Red asterisk for Independent riders and/or FRIENDS that have indicated an interest in either joining our club, attending rallies with us or simply riding with us, but have not joined as a patched member YET.

We hope this map will assist prospective members and guest in joining our club.

Be sure to share your thoughts with any questions, comments and ideas that will assist us in helping you and the OBRC members.

We also plan on following up with a documented list of states and towns where we have chapters and nomads as well as a separate list of locations where are have friends and associates that are looking for others to meet up with, ride with and attend rallies with.

This image will be updated on a regular basis.

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