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OBRC National News

01 Feb 2020 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by FTW
Welcome to the National News for OBRC.

UPDATE: 2/21/21

NOTICE: Older Bikers RC Recruiters will be traveling the Eastern Half of the U.S.A. this spring and summer, trying to recruit new members and build new chapters of OBRC.

As such, we would like to encourage all Facebook users to check out our facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/olderbikers or MeWe users to check out the new "Older Bikers" Group to post a notice letting us know you are interested in joining our club, along with the city and state you live in. You can also contact us directly by using the "contact" link located on the top of our home page.

By reaching out to us and letting us know where you live and that you are interested in meeting with and riding with other mature bikers, you will give us some insight into how many additional members we will need to recruit, in order to create a new chapter in your geographical area.

This request only applies to individuals that own and ride a motorcycle, are over the age of 40 and would be interested in riding, eating and attending rallies with other "mature" bikers.

Be advised that while our minimum age is 40, a number of our members are over the age of 60 or 70.


I am going to make a special request to all active club officers. In order to communicate with new prospective members, chapters and other officers using more then just a few short words, or publishing things on social media for the entire world to see,

I am going to suggest that all of our chapter presidents, VP’s and secretaries obtain an email address through one of the OBRC domains.

1: Since these email addresses, go through our servers, they are private from prying eyes.

2: Emails sent to any of our officers through our servers, can be automatically forwarded to your regular email account, if you want them to.

3: Emails that you send to prospective members, chapters, or other officers will have our club website address as the sender, thus letting them know you are an official patch holding member and officer.

4: Any emails or publicity notices sent to local business, organizations or even other clubs will also have a return address using our club website name, ie.
or even your
as examples.

Since I choose not to reveal my private email address over the Internet, and I have over 100 email addresses which I use to eliminate getting spam on my personal account, if you are in a chapter that does not have my personal email address, you can contact Joe or Pat to get Harlady’s email address or you can send me a private message through Facebook or MeWe along with the name of the chapter you are with and I will give you my contact info.

Older News

Older Bikers has obtained a SECOND domain name. WE finally have the olderbikers.com name as well as the olderbikers.org name. Therefore we are currently in the process of setting up a new website that will contain a photo gallery, chat and message board.

This site is currently under construction, as we try to upload photos and information from an old site that was hacked. In the meantime, if you are a club member and want to get registered to use this site, please contact your local chapter president and have them send a private message to Harlady via facebook or email her direct if you have her contact information and she will pass the information along to FTW.

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